Kung Fu (External Style)


Song's Kung-fu Academy teaches a variety of traditional self defense techniques, empty hand forms, and weapons, designed to improve one's overall physical abilities and mental discipline, as well as to promote health and physical fitness. The emphasis in class is on developing skills which prepare an individual for any self defense situation he or she might encounter.

Additionally, all of the different forms and techniques are drawn from the original styles of kung fu taught in China and Korea. Our school emphasizes the historic teachings and martial arts etiquette that have made Kung Fu such a well-respected and popular martial art throughout the world.

The descriptions below detail many of the basic skill areas that our classes focus on. For more information on classes, please email us at info@songskungfu.com.

Shaolin Styles :

  • Empty Hand Techniques
  • Chuan Fa - Empty hand forms or katas, practiced to teach fighting techniques and improve strength, speed, endurance, and discipline.See examples below.
  • Shuai Chaio - Traditional name for Chinese wrestling, which includes grappling techniques, and throws.
  • Chin Na - A style of twisting joint locks including holds, counter-holds, and escapes.
  • Di Tang - Techniques for fighting on the ground, including tumbling skills and attacks and defense movements to be executed while on the ground.
  • Weapons
  • Short Weapons - Such as the Broadsword and Gim (double-edged sword).
  • Long Weapons - Including Staff, Spear, Kwon Do, Monk Spade, etc.
  • Special Weapons - Such as Rope Hammer, 9 Section Whip Chain, etc.

Examples of Empty Hand Forms (Chuan Fa)

Northern Styles :

(so named for having originated in regions north of the Yang-Tze (Yellow) river)

Chang Kwon(or Changquan, also known as Longfist-Style Boxing )- A blanket term that refers to more than a dozen different boxing styles. This energetic style known for its kicks, rapid transitions between high and low stances, and emphasis on long strikes which stretch and lengthen the body. Excellent for developing leg power, flexibility, and endurance.

Other Northern Styles taught include Lo Han Kwon (Buddha's 18 Disciples style), Palbo Yun Han Kwon (8-Step Combination Boxing), and Bee Yun Kwon (a form of the Mi Tzung style boxing, known for high kicking movements).

Southern Styles :

Nan Kwon (or Nanquan) - Traditional Southern style dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) which emphasizes low stances and short, powerful strikes. It utilizes short, powerful moves, with few of the jumps seen in Chang Kwon.

Animal Styles (Including Tiger, Snake, Crane, etc. Song's teaches a variety of animal styles, such as Tiger, which emphasizes strength and the development of bones and ligaments. Snake emphasizes internal power (Chi) development, tumbling, and flexibility.Crane style uses advanced footwork and long, unpredictable strikes as part of its arsenal.