Student Conduct

The True Student...

  1. never tires of learning. A good student can learn anytime, anywhere.
  2. must be willing to sacrifice for his art and instructor. An instructor is not a commodity that the student can buy.
  3. always sets a good example for the lower ranks.
  4. is always loyal and never criticizes the instructor, the art or the teaching methods.
  5. practices and attempts to utilize techniques taught by the instructor.
  6. remembers that his/her conduct outside the kwoon/dojang reflects on the art and the instructor.
  7. will discard techniques from other schools if the instructor disapproves of them.
  8. is never disrespectful to the instructor. Though a student may disagree, he/she must follow the instructor.
  9. is always eager to learn and to ask questions.
  10. never breaks a trust.