Praying Mantis

Northern Style Praying Mantis :

Praying Mantis (or Tanglang) - One of the major styles we teach. Founded over 300 years ago by Wang Lang, this style imitates the grabbing motions of the Praying Mantis, and utilizes the footwork of the Monkey. The emphasis is on short, hard combinations of hand strikes and trips, with a relentless and aggressive fighting style.

We teach a variety of Praying Mantis styles at Song's, including Plum Blossom, Six Harmony (Liu He), Secret Door, Tai Chi Praying Mantis, and Seven Star. Praying Mantis instruction includes both empty hand, two person, and weapons forms.

The basis of our Praying Mantis teaching is found in the techniques of the "Twelve Keyword Formula":

  1. Gu (Ou) - Hook
  2. Ru (Lou) - Grapple
  3. Che (Tsai) - Pluck
  4. Gue (Kwa) - Upward Block
  5. Jo Jim (Tiao Chin) - Go Forward after Intercept
  6. Boong Ta (Peng Ta) - Chop
  7. Jum (Chan) - Contact
  8. Jum (Nien) - Cling
  9. Chub (Tieh) - Tag
  10. Go (Kao) - Lean
  11. Heum Sum (Chien-Shan) - Dodge
  12. Deung Na (Teng Nuo) - Bounce