Our School

Training includes:

Song's Kung-fu Academy teaches a variety of traditional self defense techniques, empty hand forms, and weapons designed to improve one's overall physical abilities and mental discipline, as well as benefit health and physical fitness. The emphasis in our classes is on developing realistic skills for self defense, increasing flexibility, power, and coordination, and developing internal energy for physical fitness and health promotion. Song's Kung-fu cademy also stresses mental discipline, and developing confidence paired with proper etiquette and mutual respect are important parts of all class activities.

All of the different forms and techniques are drawn from the original styles of kung-fu taught in China and Korea. Our school emphasizes the historic teachings and martial arts etiquette that have made kung-fu such a well-respected and popular martial art throughout the world.

  • Meditation/Qi Gong Training
  • Interior/Exterior Qi Development
  • Bare Hand - Forms/Two Person
  • Weapons - Forms/Two Person
  • Sparring/Push Hands Training
  • Shui-Chaio (grappling and wrestling techniques)
  • Chin-Na (joint locking and twisting/pressure points)

Method of Instruction include

  • Individual/Group Instruction
  • Individual Timetable
  • Respect/Discipline/Focus
  • Accountability/Self-Motivation
  • Hierarchy of Leadership/Elders
  • Promotion Tests/ Belt Advancement
  • Encouragement of outside reading and study