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Song's Kung-fu Academy is the premier school for traditional praying mantis and Shaolin-style kung-fu in the midwest. We offer classes for both adults and children in two cities: Chicago and Champaign, IL.

The school teaches a variety of traditional self defense techniques, empty hand forms, and weapons designed to improve one's overall physical abilities and mental discipline, as well as benefit health and physical fitness.


Flash Update!
Posted Aug 19, 2017

Chicago Schoolwide Promo Test originally scheduled for Friday, August 25th is on hiatus. Promotions for those promoting this month will be done during regular class time. Thanks for updating your calendars.

Chicago Promotion Test
Posted Aug 10, 2017

Promotion test for the Chicago school will be Friday, August 25th at 7 pm. Come join your kung fu brothers and sisters as they demonstrate their skill sets. See you there!

Happy Independence Day!
Posted Jul 4, 2017

Chicago classes are canceled for today. Have a safe and happy 4th!