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Song's Kung-fu Academy is the premier school for traditional praying mantis and Shaolin-style kung-fu in the midwest. We offer classes for both adults and children in two cities: Chicago and Champaign, IL.

The school teaches a variety of traditional self defense techniques, empty hand forms, and weapons designed to improve one's overall physical abilities and mental discipline, as well as benefit health and physical fitness.

If interested, please call or stop by. Our schedule can be found at the right.


Post Holiday School Get Together
Posted Dec 28, 2016

Christmas came and went. The Post Holiday Party is slated for Saturday January 7, 2017, starting around 6:30pm. It will be pot luck as usual. Bring your favorite dish to enjoy and share. Happy New Year!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted Nov 23, 2016

Children's classes as well as adult's tai chi and Shaolin classes are cancelled Thursday and Friday of this week at the Chicago campus. Have a safe and festive celebration.

Post Promotion Test
Posted Nov 20, 2016

Thank you to all who attended the Promotion Test on 11/19/2016, in Chicago. The support and energy were palpable. Congratulations to Sifu David Freeman on your 5th Degree: it was great to see you and keep smiling! Likewise, congratulations to FuSifu Albert and Kyosa Simon on your fourth and first black belt achievements. Thank you to all the Champaign students, family and teachers that made the drive up; you are great! And finally thank you to GrandMaster Song for continuing to provide a welcoming setting for us to share in our love of martial arts. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holy season.

Promotion Test
Posted Oct 23, 2016

Fall and the holiday season is starting. And that can mean only one thing. Well, many things. For the schools, however, it means the combined promotion test, slated for November 19, 2016, at the Chicago school, starting at 10 am. Let's hope the snow does not inundate us this year. Enjoy the company and support of your kung fu brothers and sisters. Family and friends are always welcome. See you there!